Shell Brodnax 2012 RESA Convention Round Table Speaker

With her vast real world experience, Shell understands what it takes to grow a successful business. Her proven techniques have been used to take mom and pop shops and turn them into multi-million dollar companies. In addition to having served in numerous managerial roles, such as Director of Marketing/National Accounts, she’s versed in what it takes to create and implement marketing strategies that work. Her “work smarter, not harder” approach has been used to help educate others on how to effectively and efficiently grow their business.

Her background in creating and managing departments for large corporations, led to her involvement in the staging industry. Having assisted many home stagers in the field of developing and growing their business she understands the importance a trade organization has for the home staging industry. As a result, she founded the Real Estate Staging Association. With over 1,000 members, stagers across the country now have resources immediately available to them. She developed the Staging Career Center as a means to further assist the industry and help home stagers grow vibrant, profitable businesses.

Shell is an expert in the Law of Attraction. She has been featured on several radio podcasts and using the Law of Attraction as the basis for her coaching services.



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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. Using the Law of Attraction Principles for a Better Tomorrow

Shell Brodnax will teach you how to use the Law of Attraction to further your business to attract the types of clients you want to work with and how to create the life of your dreams.

You will walk away with a blue print to design your purpose in both life and business.

Using the Law of Attraction