Elizabeth Hagen Workshop

Build and They Will Buy:  Develop a Marketing Plan with New Contact Strategies that are Designed to Fill Your Pipeline and Build Your Community

Elizabeth Hagen
Build and They Will Buy


Do you wonder what you should be doing to market your business? Would you like a specific plan with exact tasks to do so you can move your business forward every day?!

Join Elizabeth in this workshop and you will learn:


You will walk leave this workshop with a personalized marketing plan to catapult your business in 2013.

Let’s fill your pipeline with wonderful prospects who want to hire you, can’t wait to work with you, and will tell others!


Elizabeth Hagen Bio:

Nationally recognized business coach, professional speaker, organization expert, and author Elizabeth Hagen started her business in 2000, after nineteen years as a stay-at-home mother to five incredible children. Her mission is to encourage, nurture, and support an environment of excellence for thus whose lives the touches. She’s encouraged thousands to have more courage, more focus, more momentum, and be more productive at work and at home. Now more than ever we need to hear a message of renewal and this is exactly what Elizabeth will offer us! Elizabeth and her family live in Sioux Falls, SD.


Contact Info:
Elizabeth Hagen
Author, Speaker, Business Coach
E-mail: Elizabeth@ElizabethHagen.com
Phone: 605-357-8767
Website: ElizabethHagen
Blog: ElizabethHagenInspires
Twitter: @ElizabethHagen
Facebook: GrowingYourBusinesswithConfidence
LinkedIn: ElizabethHagen
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Build and They Will Buy