Todd McAllister RESA Convention 2016




Day to Day Staging Tips and Tricks – Warehousing & Buying Wholesale

This session will be comprised of there different areas or topics.  First will be the topic of tips and tricks we have come up with over the years for solving day to day warehouse organization and storage issues. There will be photos of these ideas for attendees to view as the seminar is presented.

The second area of this presentation will be warehousing your inventory. This part of the presentation will encompass a few photos from last year as well as some new ideas we have since come up with.

The third topic will be buying wholesale and what to expect when you go to market, place an order and receive an order. There will again be photos for attendees to see as the presentation moves along.

Learning Objectives

1. Attendees will leave with cost effective and out of the box solutions for storage ideas for any size of storage facility you may have.

2. This presentation gives inspiration to all who attend and guidance to help you grow your business no matter what size you wish to grow.

3. Attendees will see, with photos, what it is really like to go to a market, buy wholesale and what to expect when they place an order and what it may look like when it arrives.

Topic Level

Recommended for mid-advanced level stagers.

Speaker Bio

Beginning his business purely by accident 12 years ago, Todd McAllister has grown his business with the help of his business partner Allan LaBeck slowly over the past years. Investing much of the revenue back into the business over the years, their business has grown to a current staff of 21 employees and a 25,000 sq ft warehouse located in an out-of-the way area of Portland, Oregon. “I have found my place in the creative world of where I am supposed to be… Everyday presents a different challenge.”

“I look forward to where the staging industry is headed and look back on how much it has changed in the 12 years since starting this business. ”

“This is an industry of constant change…. Embrace it!!!!”