Tina Beebe-Clark 2012 RESA Convention Speaker

Tina Beebe-Clark has had the opportunity to wear many hats throughout her professional life, all valuable and important additions to her overall skill set. Beginning her corporate life at an early age with a telecommunications company, she quickly worked her way up through the ranks and was soon managing a team of twenty-two.

Throughout her 10 years with this company, she worked in many different departments learning and contributing to each area as she could. Toward the end of her corporate career, she was working in the IT department as a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. Her team was responsible for software maintenance and upgrades for the customer service and collections daily work-flow tools. She had the creative perspective and the technical expertise to blend together; creating the perfect skill set resulting in an unprecedented high-level of satisfaction from the in-house customers.

Always striving for self-improvement, Tina attended college classes full-time while working full-time. She completed her college education and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from the Metropolitan State College of Denver in 2005.

Although Tina had an extremely successful corporate career, a new source of income was needed that was more flexible than corporate structure allowed. Tina co-founded NorthStar Real Estate Solutions in 2006, the company vision concentrating on real estate and many the many related elements. This multi-faceted business reinvents properties through remodeling, home makeovers, consultation for both builders and home-owners and most importantly: home staging. The staging aspect of the business has surpassed all other functions and has become the main passion and area of expertise.

Tina is committed to the staging industry, its continued success and is so thankful to be doing what she loves!

Creating Noteworthy Newsletters-Minimum Effort with Maximum Results

Maintaining a “top-of-mind” awareness marketing plan is key to any successful home staging business. We will explore how newsletters fit into this plan without dreading the creation, development and follow-up for each publication. Using real-life examples and experiences, the newsletter process will be broken down into an easy and fun routine, while keeping each issue innovative and relevant.

In this session, you will learn how to:


RESA 2012 Presentation Key Points