Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for another wonderful conference. I know you put a lot of time and energy into it and are so busy during the convention but its always so inspiring. I’m sure I speak for many many others that don’t write but it’s greatly appreciated!

The speakers were amazing and that’s an understatement. Elizabeth Hagen and I had not met before but we totally connected. What a treat!  David Avrin in was great, and let’s just say my sides hurt I laughed so hard as Terry Watson is just the absolute best. Oh my goodness is he funny but he gets the point across! The presenters of the workshops that I sat in on were excellent also. I always take away so much great information along with making new friends and connections. I love the awards. Of course its extra special when you know the person, like Audra, and I had just met Tricia. It’s just a wonderful event!

And bringing my husband along every year to extend the convention into a vacation makes it all the better. We stayed in San Francisco from Sat until Wed when we came over to the Crowne Plaza. Now back to the East Coast and cold weather!

Anyway – Thank you so very much. I’ll look forward to seeing you at next year’s convention!