You’re Awesome! Now Prove It To Your Prospects

Are you using marketing fluff, ineffectively delivering your message, targeting everyone and no one, and working haphazardly to get new business? You should be getting focused, developing a long-term communication plan and proving that your prospects would be fools not to hire you. In this presentation, President Dan Eason will challenge you to examine your marketing materials and strategies and encourage you to improve the way you communicate with your prospective clients.


Dan Eason

is the founder and president of, the managing broker for a commercial real estate brokerage in McKinney, Texas, a partner in a water permit brokering business, and your typical serial entrepreneur. He has helped multiple business owners create and implement an effective marketing system, been a key player on a multi-billion dollar project in Nigeria, and bought, merged and sold two Internet service providers, among other things. He has his undergraduate degree from Texas A & M University and MBA from Pepperdine University. He’s moved almost more times than he can count and is passionate about businesses that bring more value than they charge.