Robert’s Rules of Order Leadership Training

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This RESA® Leadership Training is a must  have session for anyone in a leadership position within RESA®.  All chapter board members, State Presidents and RVPs are invited. We will cover how to use Robert’s Rules of Order, to effectively run chapter meetings.  Robert’s Rules of Order is a powerful tool that can make your meetings more productive, effective, and rewarding.

Everyone thinks that Robert’s Rules has to be complicated, but I promise you that it really can be easy, and that the ROBERT’S RULES MADE SIMPLE Solution is the easiest and fastest way to master Robert’s Rules of Order to get more work done.

The training teaches the 7 Fundamental Motions used during most meetings:

  1. The Main Motion
  2. Amendments
  3. Amend the Amendment
  4. Refer to a Committee
  5. Postpone to a Definite Time
  6. Lay on the Table
  7. Previous Question/Call the Question

RESA® has licensed this training and this is a new requirement for all board members. You may take the training at the convention or take it with your chapter at home.  Chapter board members that are attending the convention are strongly encouraged to attend this session so you can return home to facilitate the training to your chapter. The training is fun and easy to understand. Seats are limited, please sign-up today. You must be a RESA® member to attend for free, non-RESA members are $29.00.