Newbie Q&A Panel of Experts

 Newbie Q&A


During the Newbie Q & A Workshop, our panel of experts will share real world answers to your staging questions.

Topics may include:

• Confidence in knowing who you are! (Intro)
• Research* (actual research of real estate trends in areas)
• Positioning (branding, website, other stagers in area)
• Target market* (targeting the right clients based upon area, overcoming objections)
• Qualifications (training, insurance, extra qualifications, RESA-PRO)
• Services (offering services that you can do right away, looking at the ones that need experience)
• Inventory (should you invest in inventory or not)
• Marketing (how to quickly market yourself in your area, continued marketing strategies)
• Social media (how to use social media to advance your business)
• Resources (rental companies, landscaping, painters… all in your back pocket)
• RESA resources (using RESA for continued education, forms, etc)
• 5 things to do right away to improve your visibility when you get home!

Sales and Marketing Tips for Home Stagers Newbie Q&A

The Newbie Q&A Panel of Experts Includes:

Kristy Morrison
Newbie Q&A

Lori Kim Polk
Newbie Q&A

Maureen Bray
Newbie Q&A

Kym Tarr
Newbie Q&A


Newbie Q&A