Julea Joseph

The Joy of Redesign


Julea Joseph
The Joy of Redesign

Spice up your client’s space and your service menu with secret techniques, tasteful tips, tantalizing tidbits & a blend of room essentials.  Interior Redesign services are the perfect solution for smart homeowners in today’s economy.  From the basic core “use what they own” ingredients of redesign to offering your client extended super sized services, this workshop will help you find the Joy of Redesign!


Julea Joseph

Julea launched her business, Reinventing Space in 1999 when interior redesign and home staging were just in their infancy.  Incorporating her education in Fine Arts, a degree in Psychology and a knack for home entertaining , Julea created a unique menu of progressive design solutions,  marrying home staging, redesign, decorating & lifestyle design  into the perfect mix to celebrate every aspect of a home.  HGTV, along with numerous TV, newspaper and magazine appearances have be a delightful honor over the years. She’s even has a local cable TV cooking and entertaining show! These opportunities have lead her to be an in-demand speaker,  host her own training program as well as for local and state Realtor associations.



Julea J. Joseph

Julea – Reinventing Space

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 130  Palos Park, IL  60464

Shipping Address: 12125 S. 90th Avenue  Palos Park, IL  60464

Business/Fax Phone: 708-448-7500 Cell: 708-543-8597

Website: www.julea.com  Email: Julea@Julea.com

Social: www.facebook.com/ReinventingSpace





Julea was delighted to use her interior design, staging and decorating skills for special spaces for 1st time Chicago homeowners on the top ranked HGTV show “My First Place.”

HGTV My First Placehttp://www.hgtv.com/my-first-place/commitment-before-contract2/index.html

HGTV “My First Place” – Episode HMFP-1202H – Trying-To-Be-Frugal

HGTV “My First Place” – Episode HMFP-1109H – Picky and Plugging Away

HGTV “My First Place” – Episode HMFP-1209H – State of Independence


HGTV Decorating CentsFilmed in both 2000 and 2006, the seinterior arrangement  or one day room makeover segments celebrating the art of Interior Redesign.

HGTV “Decorating Cents” – Living Room Redesign, Episode DCT-2611

HGTV “Decorating Cents” – Music Room Makeover, Episode DCT-2612

HGTV “Decorating Cents” – Northwoods Redesign, Episode DCT-1109

HGTV “Decorating Cents” – Too Much Space, Episode DCT-1112

Watch video clips of Julea on CLTV’s home and decorating show – HomesPlus

WGN CLTV Homes Plus