Lisa McIntee RESA Convention 2015

The Power of Branding YOU!

Are you a relatively new stager and experiencing high levels of frustration at every corner? Do you see other stagers succeeding? Do you see them in the news? Do you want to become a market leader? If the time is NOW to figure out what you may be missing and get inspired, then you need to attend this one hour powerhouse presentation. I live in a city with a population under 90,000 and my region was also announced as the worst place in Canada to find a job. If I can create a successful business and establish valuable clientele here – anyone can do it. When you understand what it means to be authentic to YOURSELF and live your passion, you will then be able to unlock many doors with the key to success that sits in the palm of your hand. Join me while we discuss branding YOU (be prepared to not only make more money but save yourself thousands of dollars while learning from my mistakes!)

Lisa McIntee

Lisa McIntee

Lisa McIntee

Lisa McIntee, owner of The Staging Professionals is a serial entrepreneur who is constantly seeking new business ideas and alternative ways to expand her current business. The Staging Professionals is based out of Niagara Falls, and has recently expanded to New York City with plans to grow in the future. Lisa is the Ontario Provincial President, Staging Instructor & mentor for SAR Staging & Re-Design and also a contributing writer for J&D Magazine.

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