Fran Songer Scarborough

Last night when I arrived home from Vegas, my husband was quiet for once and listened to every excited word that poured from my mouth. He is involved with conferences, too. 

That is because there was plenty of water flowing to the “need to know” thirsty business members at the 2010 National RESA Convention in Las Vegas. The main word to describe it is “FABULOUS!” Shell, you and your team did an outstanding job. I can say this because I have been a participant, trainer, speaker, or vendor at more than fifty conferences with five different industries. By far, the RESA conference was the best. 

The energy level was contagious—it was just like a Kohler faucet on hot and high! Each and every speaker/teacher was extremely knowledgeable and fun, and most importantly they were passionate. The topics chosen were varied, so this lead to us to using all parts of our brains for the staging business. Overall, the information provided to us was invaluable. Many of my questions from pricing to working with realtors were answered. In addition, there were some topics that I didn’t expect—photography! 

As a trainer in another industry, I am impressed that you used varying methods to quench the thirst of so many people. There were strong but pleasant training voices, visuals, movement, and interaction. Each of us felt as if we were a part of this, and you said this was your intention. By the way, you are correct that using the law of attraction works.

Cool! We all loved meeting so many celebrities that are talented from HGTV! Each was wonderful both personally and on stage. I met so many wonderful peers who I think will be on the same stage soon, too. 

Also, your choice of vendors was great. There was no vendor who was “dry air,” or “fluff” at this convention. Each vendor had valuable services to offer. You thought of every flow of the business from how to do a trademark to how to rent furniture. 

Most importantly, one of the best parts of the convention was meeting so many new friends. We all are kindred souls. There was massive hugging as people had to depart for their flights, and we are keeping in touch. 

Again, Shell, thank you for the convention. People go where energy flows. My hat is off to you for being such a young intelligent woman with a large heart and a strong vision. 

Best regards,

Fran Songer Scarborough
Songer Dream Home Staging

P.S. The convention food was great. Expect a UPS package, because I am sending you the extra pounds I gained!