Bobbie McGrath RESA Convention 2016







Managing Difficult Clients – Its Not What You Say Its How You Say It

Everybody has done it; said just the wrong thing at just the wrong time. The moment the words leave your mouth, you wish you could take them back. But what about those more subtle times, when upon later reflection, you realize might have been taken the wrong way? Have you ever considered how the words commonly used within the Staging industry might actually be holding you back? And timing…when and how do we approach sensitive subjects such as pets and odors? Words mean more than their definitions. Understanding the power of the choice of words to use AND the timing of these words could be well worth your time to explore. Join me as I share my techniques on when and how to bring up those delicate and difficult topics in a way that will make you heard, understood and sought after by Realtors and Homeowners alike!

Words have power. Their power can be maximized if you understand the nuance of timing, as well. This class will teach you how to approach clients from a positive/empowering perspective that is appreciated by Realtors and Homeowners alike. If you find you are sometimes at a loss for words this is the class for you!

Learning Objectives

1. The key to “How” to say something often rests on listening first.
2. The “When” can oftentimes be more valuable than the “What”!
3. Identify common Staging terms and phrases that could be losing you money & learn new ones!

Topic Level

Recommended for all level stagers.

Speaker Bio

Bobbie McGrath became aware of Staging while selling her house 18 years ago. Intrigued, the seed of an idea was planted which finally bore fruit in 2004 when Bobbie took the leap of faith and opened the doors of Successful Staging in Raleigh, NC. With a focus on practical and effective Staging techniques her business quickly grew as her reputation for making the entire process a positive experience became known. In 2005 she received her ASP designation and became a board member of the local IAHSP organization for the next few years. She joined the RESA organization in 2009 and was pleased to receive her RESA-PRO designation in 2014. In 2015, Bobbie was honored to be named one of the Top Ten Occupied Stagers in the United States by the RESA organization. To date, she has Staged and/or consulted on nearly 5,000 homes in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.

In addition to running her Staging company, Bobbie has created a continuing education elective course for North Carolina Realtors and is continuing to develop additional courses for Realtors and Stagers alike. She is known for her passionate discussion of anything Staging and is continuously looking for new ideas to improve the Staging process. From neuro-marketing to the “taste” of color Bobbie seeks cutting edge techniques to get the Staging message across to homeowners and Realtors alike!