Tammie O’Brien RESA Convention 2016

Inventory Management – Getting Down and Dirty

Tammie O'Brian

Tammie O’Brian

We will be getting into the nitty gritty of inventory management in this class! I will explain WHY you need to track your inventory and exactly HOW to do it. We will be talking, naming conventions, pricing structures and what I call the “Brain Damage Clause”. You will walk away with everything you need to track your inventory effectively, stop buying unnecessarily, and standard operating procedures to assist in growth — and eventually an exit strategy. Whether you are brand new or have been cranking along for years, you will benefit from this class.

Learning Objectives

1. Why and How to Track Your Inventory
2. Maximize your inventory efficiency and stop buying unnecessarily
3. The Brain Damage Clause, manage your inventory in a way that works for YOU and YOUR business

Topic Level

Recommended for all level stagers.

Speaker Bio

Tammie O’Brien is co-owner of Pineapple Interiors, a leading home staging and furniture leasing company in Denver, Colorado. She is also the creator of Darby Inventory, Inventory Management Software for the Home Staging Industry. She has been in the Home Staging industry for 10 years and speaks to Darby customers daily, helping them with their inventory management challenges and solutions.

Outside of running two businesses, Tammie loves spending time with her husband Patrick, daughter Samantha, and other daughter, Cali the crazy Vizsla dog. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she loves sunshine and hanging out on the beach.