Mid-Advanced Level

Working With Builders and Re-Hab Clients

July 28, 2018 1:25 pm - 2:45 pm

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Liz Connolly

Working with homebuilders can be a very lucrative area for real estate staging professionals. That being said, homebuilders are an entirely different breed than your basic resale staging clientele. Builder displays can be especially challenging as they generally require a vast number of furnishings and accessories and tend to sit for many months or even years. This can be very lucrative as you will receive a recurring check that you can count on each month.

Re-hab properties are typically just the opposite, not as many furnishings and accessories and they tend to sell very quickly. Many re-hab clients (flippers) seek preferential pricing and/or flexible payment terms. The key to profitability is maintaining a good balance of real estate staging projects.


  • Identify builders that fit your niche and inventory.
  • Learn to price builder display projects.
  • Specialized language/terms for builder staging contracts.
  • Identifying additional areas of business stemming from builder projects.
  • Developing on-going relationships with the homebuilding and re-hab community.