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The Stager’s Guide to Surviving….and Thriving… in ANY Market!

January 21, 2017 1:25 pm - 2:45 pm

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Bobbie McGrath 2017

As stagers, we offer value to homeowners and realtors alike regardless of whether we find ourselves in a seller’s market or a buyer’s market. Both markets, however, present unique challenges. In a buyer’s market, homeowners are often hesitant to invest in staging because they are unsure if/when their home will sell and want to avoid the additional expense. In a seller’s market, Realtors often hear homeowners question the need for Staging as properties are “flying off the shelves!” Multiple offers, offers well above asking price, homes easily appraising for a neighborhood all-time high; these are just a few of the benefits Staging can provide during these times. By providing our Realtor partners with the words to overcome these common Staging objections we strengthen their position as savvy marketing experts allowing their business to grow. By showcasing yourself as a strong marketing resource , regardless of the current market, your business will also thrive. Join me to find focused and effective techniques sure to cement your standing as a Staging powerhouse with Realtors in your community!

Learning Objectives

1. How to overcome Sellers/Realtors objections to Staging in Buyers/Sellers Markets

2. How to build a strong core business that grows in any market.

3. How to become known as an indispensable marketing resource for your Realtors.



Bobbie McGrath found her calling when she opened Successful Staging in 2004. With a focus on practical and effective Staging techniques, as well as approaching each project with a positive and empowering message, Bobbie has seen sustained growth in her business over the last 12 years. To date, she has Staged and/or consulted on well over 5,000 homes. In 2015 & 2016 Bobbie was named one of RESA’s Top Ten Occupied Stagers in the United States. She was also recognized as Best of HOUZZ for both Design and Customer Service in 2015 and 2016. In addition to running her Staging company, Bobbie has created a CE course for Realtors in North Carolina as well as a new series of classes for Realtors “down under” in Australia. Educating Realtors on how to incorporate Staging into their business plan has become a focus of her teaching endeavors and the results have been fantastic! Bobbie is known for her passionate discussion of anything Staging (and the Denver Broncos!) and is continuously looking for new ideas to improve the Staging process. From neuro-marketing research to the “taste” of color Bobbie seeks cutting edge techniques to get the Staging message across to homeowners and Realtors alike!