Owning the Occupied Market

July 28, 2018 8:40 am - 10:00 am

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Helen Bartlett

This class is designed to give confidence and structure in doing an owner occupied staging. Being prepared professionally with a checklist and goal in addressing all concerns you may find in an owner occupied home. You will understand what is important and makes a difference that will allows your staging to stand out among the completion on the market by maximizing the use of the space you’re working with. Most importantly, how to work with homeowners knowing they could be personally attached to their homes and furnishing and yet be sensitive to their feelings in the process of staging their homes.

Learning Objectives

  • To educate stagers on how to work with homeowners in a professional way to earn their trust and confidence in working together through a guideline and/or checklist to show consistency with your ideas and suggestions. This will make every stager more confident in the way they come across to their clients, agents and homeowners.
  • Show ways to maximize value to the homeowner by creating rooms that buyers will be drawn to. Showcasing focal points, architectural features and space to show value and  purpose in each room. How to understand your demographic buyer and what is important to their lives.
  • Addressing issues regarding marketing your house vs living in your house and why a  home owners needs to detach from their own homes and what happens when they do vs what happens when they don’t.