How to Create and Build Your Brand…. When You’re All…. “Ummm… What’s my BRAND?!??”

January 21, 2017 8:40 am - 10:00 am

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Kristy Craig Anderson 2017

Our jam-packed session is full of actionable insight on defining what BRAND really means, identifying branding in other companies, defining who WE are, who our COMPANY is, and how to efficiently tell our brand story to prospective clients from the beginning (or even mid-point) of our staging journey. This fun session is targeted to stagers in their first 2 years of business, but insight is useful for any stager looking to brand or re-brand their business effectively!

Learning Objectives

1. Define “branding” , why it’s effective, and how to do it

2. Leave with 3 key words that define your brand and ideas on what that brand “looks like” in a logo, website, client communication, and company culture

3. Leave with 3 brand strategies to begin working on or implementing tomorrow!


As the owner of a staging company in its first 1 1/2 years in business, Dwell Interior Staging and Redesign ( , Kristy has experienced recently and first-hand how effective branding (implemented from the first day Dwell launched) can elevate business quickly with strategic planning and implementation. Seeing a need in the Tampa Bay market for fresh, contemporary, customized staging with a happy client experience, and knowing that need met her core personal and company values and offerings, Kristy created and launched a “fresh and happy” brand and worked relentlessly to embody that brand in her logo, tagline, website look and content, social media presence, and email marketing. In its first year, Dwell enjoyed a 17% profit margin, and has grown to 5 team members, a new 2,000 sq ft warehouse, has won numerous national awards, and was recently featured on HGTV’s “Container Homes”. Kristy attributes 85% of her fast success to effective branding. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to define your brand and share your brand story!