Angela Brooks-Osborne RESA Convention 2016

Pricing, Packaging and Presenting to Secure the Job!

“I think we are the only industry that pricing is as much a mystery to us, as it is to our clients!” Angela Brooks, Marketing Coach for hundreds of stagers across North America.

Have you ever completed a staging or decorating project to find out you actually lost money? Or maybe made so little you felt cheated and discouraged? Do you struggle over competing with others in the industry when they are charging so little that you have to wonder, “how are they still in business?” Do you struggle to get clients to pay for your service fees? Would you like to see more staging industry professionals UNDERSTAND pricing so we can move forward as an industry and finally have our clients value our profession by paying proper rates for our services?

It’s time in our industry to not be hesitant about our pricing. We need to deliver our pricing with confidence and without apology. To do this we need to understand how to charge, not just effectively, but competitively as well in our own marketplaces.

We need to establish our OWN pricing based on our OWN costs and variables within our OWN business. Angela will show you a pricing formula that works for ANY industry and marketplace. You will leave the RESA Convention very confident about your pricing and feeling great that hundreds of other stagers across the country are on the same page.

Learning Objectives

1.  How to establish and set up your own pricing structures so they make sense to you and YOUR bottom line. No matter what city, country or world you live in!

2.  How to create packages and descriptions that will back up the prices you establish.

3.  Four different ways to display your pricing in your packages, and deliver them so your clients will feel you’re not just pulling numbers out of thin air!

4. How to compete with lower priced stagers in your area…without compromising your own pricing and professionalism!

Topic Level

Recommended for newbie-mid level stagers.

Speaker Bio

Angela is a Marketing Coach who specializes in working with stagers and decorators by teaching marketing retreats, intensives and workshops across the United States and Canada. Angela’s marketing technique, through coaching, tele-classes, and workshops have been instrumental in the growth of many small businesses since 2001. Her experience includes: high exposure branding, product development, cross promotion, internet marketing, advertising and course development.